Sunday, November 13, 2011


If I don't watch my money, I live as if every "thing" has to be mine. The price of everything soon becomes chump change. I want to save, I want to be smart with my hard earned money, but sometimes I need a good knock of my head for the stuff I think I need.  Here are a few of my impulsive thoughts.

  • I want a car? Yup, I'll take two brand new ones. 
  • I want a new pair of jeans or a purse? Sure thing, let's run to the mall tonight and get the best ones! 
  • I'm Feeling like a donut? LET'S GET A DONUT MAKER BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE in case we ever want one again? 
  • Our washer and dryer sucks. Even though we are renting, let's buy this washer and dryer because "someday" we'll use it and it will be GREAT!

All true stories.

Chump change….it's all chump change right? In reality, this isn't the case at all. When I started this blog it was as if every "food budget" I've ever created went right out the door with the trash. Good, REAL, food can be affordable! TRUST ME.

So can my daily entertainment. Trips to Chicago, Florida, etc. are fun and exciting but should be treated as a MEGA TREAT OR BONUS. Not a necessity for happiness. So, it's time for my husband and I to bust out the envelopes and set aside money for each of our desires.

Sound irrational and strict? We've found it really isn't. You wouldn't believe the money you can save every month by seeing exactly where your money goes. Now some say, "I know where my money goes. It shows me on my bank statement." Well, having the money set aside and physically at your finger tips is way more effective. A THANKS goes to Dave Ramsey's total money make-over, for introducing us to the plan of attack.

So here's how we do it,

  • Look at what you actually bring in on average after taxes are taken out.
  • Then, title envelopes in categories such as grocery, entertainment, gas, giving, savings, gifts and miscellaneous. Bills are automatically taken out so we don't worry about that one.

Broken down we have ours in the following…
Grocery- Our hobby is food and cooking so we set more aside to grocery than anything else.
Entertainment- This includes, movies, bowling, eating out, sporting events, etc
Gas-  Set more aside on high travel months
Misc. - SOMETHING, NOT FUN, ALWAYS happens. You need dental work, new tires, or perhaps a new toilet. We don't like to set aside money for this, but it is a reality and it has to be accounted for.

Our newest envelope is giving- We've decided that there are so many times in a month that we have the "chump change" mindset, and if we can do that…we can give to those more vulnerable.

Every dollar is put somewhere. All the money we don't put in envelopes, as well as any excess money at the end of the month..goes to savings.

Enough table talk for the day. Let's look at what's YUM in TUM for dinner. Sunday nights are typically hodge podge nights at the Gohr home. I take whatever is screaming "cook me, I've been here a while" in my fridge and cupboards and reach to get creative. 

Tonight is… 

Garlic Pizza Wontons AND Queso Fresco Won Tons. 

I had extra pizza stuff, some leftover mexican cheese. I also had won tons. I thought, why not stuff these suckers with cheese and fry them up? 

These are SO EASY, take only 15 minutes of your time,  and would be an absolute hit at your next get together for an appetizer!

  • 4 ounces  mozzarella, parmesan or another favorite cheese
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic (fresh or the sort in the jar)
  • fresh ground pepper
  • sprinkles of dried basil
  • 12 wonton wrappers
  • 1 cup of your favorite sauce… such as marinara, southwest chipotle, or ranch
Place small pieces of fresh cheese cheese onto wonton wrappers.

 Sprinkle a small amount of minced garlic and a bit of 

cracked pepper over the cheese. Moisten the edges of each 

wonton wrapper with a bit of water. Press the edges 

together to form a triangle-shaped wonton. 

  Gently transfer the wontons into a pan of coconut oil 

heated to medium heat. Cook wontons on both sides, until 

golden brown. 

 Remove from heat and serve immediately! Look at these

 puppies GLISTEN! They were so crispy and scrumptious. OH


 THIS is something to try today. I could have at 30 of these!

They were crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside and the sauce was the CHERRY on top! 

Everything in moderation right? ;) I had a salad on the side to balance it out!

OH and speaking of unhealthy, the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pull- Aparts were gobbled up quickly. So fun, and super tasty! Transports well to a tailgate too!

Time to watch CARS 2 and possibly have a little dessert.

How do you budget your money? I'd love to hear some different tricks and ways to save money.

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  1. Take your lunch to work! Most people I work with spend 5 bucks a day on lunch. That is 100 bucks a month! And, if two of you are doing it, that is 200 bucks a month! If you cook supper at home most nights, then it is not that hard to make a little extra to take for lunch the next day. No brainer!